Shanxi Taihang Style Travel Agency Co., Ltd. is located in the South Square of Huguan County, Changzhi County, Shanxi Province, was established in January 2010. It is approved by the Tourism Administration Department of Shanxi province and paid full quality deposit in the Provincial Tourism Bureau. The company has 42 experienced and well-qualified managers and tour guides. There are more than 70 people in its hotels. After years of development, it has six organizations: local connection, group organization, individual visitors, outreach, tour guide and finance. At present, Huguan County is the largest travel agency with the comprehensive ability to organize groups, individual tourists, leisure vacations, business visits, large-scale meetings, inbound reception. Over the years, with rich reception experience and reliable ticketing, accommodation, tour guide support ability, comprehensive and standardized integrity of service, many times won the "Top Ten Changzhi City Travel Agency", "Changzhi City Excellent Receiving Club", "Best Credible Receiving Club", "Friendly Cooperative Travel Agency" and other titles.

General manager: Hao Weiwei

Tel: 13613559009